Exclamation [Q] Cricket: Samsung Galaxy Admire 2 Stock Rom *Help*?

ok, so I was messing around with my galaxy admire 2, and I accidentally soft bricked it. I've looked around on the forums, and got a ROM that is not completely compatible with this generation of Admire 2 I have.

Here are the Baseband and Build Number / Hardware version / Model

Model: SCH-R830C

Baseband: R830CVV(AMI4)

Build: JZO54K.R830CVV(AMG1)

Hardware version: R830C.03

The parenthesis and colored area of Baseband and Build numbers are the things I found are different, my mom has this same exact phone and her build number ends with AMI4 just like her baseband, Which is the STOCK from the Cricket store. I cannot find this rom and I don't want to root her phone in order to copy the rom.

Really the only problem with this rom I installed is that it is amg1, and not ami4, so it is not completely compatible. Example: My Wifi, and Bluetooth no longer turn on and cannot function at all. Which is a feature I kind of need.

Here's the real question: Can someone get a real stock rom of this Cricket Galaxy Admire 2. with the build number ending with AMI4 and not AMG1.

I've heard it called "Second generation hardware" or something from another thread, but still cannot find a real stock rom for this phone.

Though I havn't seen many posts with this phone posting the build number, and baseband versions, so the stock rom's that people upload would vary, though they all seem to be the AMG1 version.

I have no idea if this is in the right category or not of the forums, so if it isn't maybe a mod or someone can move it to the right place.