Unhappy [Q] Black lines and dots in screen (dead pixels)

I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note II. Weeks ago I dropped my phone by accident (which caused the dead pixels). There are a few black lines and small dots near the bottom left of the screen. I heard about a method when you put it in the freezer and it gets rid of the dead pixels. I've read other posts about people having the same problem and there were others saying the freezer method works like a charm. I tried for two nights but no results can anyone give me a step by step instruction with the freezer method please? I wanna get this problem fixed as it is annoying and I cannot get it fixed at repair shops as someone who works at one told me they cannot fix it because its not Australian model and is from overseas.
Also, does it matter if the screen protector stays on or do I need to remove it for when I put it in the freezer?

Thanks guys.