Default Nexus 4 Stuck On Bootloader Animation - Starting System Apps

I flashed stock rom with Toolkit, many times wipe data - cache - factory reset - sd reset etc. But problem not solved. Tried 4.4.3 - 4.4.4 nothing boot system. Just stuck on bootloader animation or Updating system apps...

I can boot with 4.2.2. but just one time. After i reboot don't boot. Stuck on bootloader animation... If i do wipe, stuck at Starting System Apps.
Its something wrong with 4.4.3+ or baseband version idk. What can i do other than flash stock Google img?

Also sim card don't working... No imei no imei sv no baseband. 4.3+ don't boot. I really don't know what should i do.

LG G2 16Gb Black
ROM: Mahdi 2.7
Kernel: Dorimanx 5.8 AOSP
System Runtime: ART
Baseband Version: MSM8974A-AAAANAZM-1.0.190084
Build Number: KTU84P
Recovery: TWRP