Unhappy Help! I'm unable to update my xt1033 (asia retail) to 4.4.3/4.4.4!!!!! Someone help!

I donno why? I live in India where already 4.4.3 and 4.4.4 android versions have been launched for moto g xt1033 dual-sim. I have installed stock asia retail firmware, relocked bootloader and have all stuff clean(i.e. no mods) but still when I go to system updates in about phone in settings, it says,"YOUR SOFTWARE IS UP TO DATE".

I don't want to install any other firmware like brazil's or germany's or uk's etc etc. I want my ASIA RETAIL one to get 4.4.3/4.4.4 update.

Thanks in Advance.

Pls help me! Humanity!
Moto G -

Current ROM - Stock Asia Retail 4.4.4 (Bootloader locked)

Used ROMS - CM11(N)(MS)(4.4.2/4.4.3), Stock Asia Retail (4.3/4.4.2), Gummy ROM(4.4.2), C-ROM(4.4.2), PAC ROM(4.4.2/4.4.3), SlimROM(4.4.3)

S4(i9500) -

Current ROM - Stock 4.4.2 Unrooted

Used ROMS - CM10.2(N)(4.3), CM11(N)(4.4.2)

Galaxy Y- (Rusted)
CM7.2(RC)(2.3.7), CM9.1(N)(4.0.3/4.0.4)

Other Devices - Blackberry Playbook (was modded with playstore), iPhone 5S - iOS 7.1