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Hello, chaps! So, I've just got a XT925 and, basically, what I want is to get to CM11. I'm used to CM features and I'm sure this little beast runs even better on KK than it does on stock JB

I was looking for guides and stickies to read through, but there isn't much, really... Why is that? I need help rooting, unlocking the bootloader, flashing recovery and the ROM itself, but I'm far from a complete noob and the guides are enough for me, but I can't find them Could anyone point me in the right direction?

Also, I've got a couple questions about CM11 I'm planning to run the 3.0 kernel CM11 version until KK OTA shows up and I'll see where to go from there. How good is the CM11 on RAZR HD? Is there a list of known bugs? And does the HDMI port work? I find it to be a cool feature, although I don't use it often... Would be nice if it works on CM11, too. And the camera, how's it on CM11? I love the 60fps video recordings and hope that photo quality is at least the same, because it really isn't too great on stock JB :/ Using 3rd party camera apps helps to a degree...

Any help, info and answers would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance!

have a look at this post.
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