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Dear HTC One users,

I have Rooted and S-OFFed HTC J One (japan verion of HTC One)

Recently i have tried to install new CM11 ROM, but I am getting error below with different recoveries.

error executing updater binary in zip
this package is for m7wlj devices this is dlx

I have tried CWM and TWRP. I have also tried other CM11 verisions

Can anyone please help with troubleshooting these errors? It seems like the package is checking if it is being installed on a correct device, and fails to pass the check for some reason. Maybe there is a way to disable this?

I have also tried to sideload via adb sideload, but I am getting exactly same errors.

Thank you
Have you tried installing on latest TWRP or CWM like TWRP
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