Below is a collection of HD Backgrounds from every major flagship device in the last few years, app, apks, mods, and stock sounds...if you have anything you'd like to add or share just post it and I'll add it to the OP

My personal collection of HD Backgrounds

Drive folder:

Apk Collection

Google Play Store: latest apk update with android L Material Design Ui!iJZxDKrZ!vviMHT...l8vBLXl6gy3EFo

Google Now Launcher!TdYmQKZZ!8IDRhS...LUhx4Bv33RRHJU

Android L Theme For Google Now Launcher: thanks pier

Google Camera Kit Kat!LJx0VRpB!URMIW1...Q9qvC26QGcVCc8

Android L Keyboard: thanks yusopa

Photo Wall Live Wallpaper: ripped and signed from my Note 2: just install as usual!LBQCDL4L!XLIBlW...f5y77I99EziTMk


Ocean Weather Live Wallpaper: ripped from my Note 1!KQxkxTwT!7L4_vO...OWUrJqOwHvlVDY

Activity Zone Apk: ripped from s5!TZBVRYhC!JUoELe...5HufOxfyMBUi24

Galaxy S5 Quick Toggles Mod
Use root explorer or root browser
Open build.prop as editable text


Change both to SM-N900S or SM-N900H

So it looks like: ro.product.device = SM-N900S = SM-N900S
Save and reboot
Enjoy s5 quick toggles and multi window page
To revert back simply erase SM-N900S and replace original text save and reboot

To use KK Launcher
1. Update Google Now In Store
2. Open Google Now and Update Language pack
Settings, Voice, Offline Language Package*
3. Open KK launcher and set it up
4. All set...Enjoy rocking the official stock fully working KK Launcher

***To Use Xposed*
1. Open Xposed App
2. Open Modules Menu
3. Click To Activate Whatever Mods You Want
4. Go To Installer (1st menu of Xposed)
5. Click Install and Reboot

***To Use Wanam
1. For Any Mod Added Thru Wanam You Must Reboot
2. Themeing:
3. System Holo Dark: adds new background to settings page
4. Panel Background: adds background to notifications panel*
5. Title Bar Background: changes notification title background color
6. Bar Color: changes color of slider bar at bottom of notifications panel*
7. Tile Background Color: changes notification quick toggles color
***For each of these theme mods you must
1. Toggle on the mod at the top right of the individual theme page*
2. Click apply at bottom of individual page after choosing color*
3. Reboot*
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