Flashing other carriers firmware on a moto X is not a great idea, unless you KNOW it to be safe. And also remember on the X, trying to downgrade from 4.4.2 or higher, can lead to a brick....even a permanent brick.

Here is a thread that may help....

>*Moto X*>*Moto X General*>*[HOW-TO] Resurrecting A Bricked Moto X

You can ask for further help in that thread also.

Hope you work it out!!

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This is another option to try. But no matter what method you try, you MUST use the firmware for YOUR device, not a different carriers....and the same android version you were on. Again....DON'T downgrade a Moto X that is on 4.4.2 or higher already....ever.

>*Moto X*>*Moto X General*>*[GUIDE][VIDEO] Moto X - Return to 100% stock (using RSD Lite OR manual flash)
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