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I've been using bit torrent to download albums and paste them in to my Walkman player.
I do know that using p2p softwares can be harmful. However I scan my phone using the clean master app from the play store and the results are always "no harm found"

But for a strange reason my phone suddenly won't send or receive texts or calls. I have written another post asking for people help on that.
My question is could it be because of bit torrent and clean master can't detect it.
It is a coincidence that my phone stopped working properly after a few days of using bit torrent l. ( I have around 4gb of music on my phone that I've downloaded from bit torrent)

Thank you...
There is no such thing as viruses on android, 99% of anti~virus and security crap is usualy a placebo

Bittorrent is official bittorent so its safe

And the Z2 FW is a bit buggy, stuff can stop working so try factory resetting

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