Default help... strange

So, i have a very strange problem. I had some problems with my sim reader and bought the cheapest phone i could until my new sim reader cam in. the phone i got was a windows phone. i pulled the sd card from the note 2 and stuck it in the windows phone. after the sim reader was replaced and everything was all good, i pulled the sim and sd card from the dreaded windows phone and stuck them back in the note 2. all good until i went to charge the battery. when i plug it in, i get a message if "battery disconnected"

i have tried to re-flash the rom, wipe everything including the sd and internal memory. tried different rom, different battery... different sd card

here comes the strange part. it will charge while in recovery and connect to the pc. so i don't think it can be the charging port.

i am thinking the card did something strange

any advice???
PHONE: HTC EVO 4G LTE Flashed to cricket
Unlocked, rooted, and moonshine s-off

PHONE: Sprint HTC EVO 3D flashed to Cricket
H-BOOT: Jbear 1.50 h-boot S-OFF
ROM: Buttered sense

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