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1st August 2014, 03:50 PM |#329  
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Flashable .zip for CM11S apk packages for CM11 (don't know if it works on any other ROMs, if the lockscreen isn't compatible systemui will constantly FC)

  1. Flash CM11 (nightly or snapshot, doesn't matter)
  2. Flash your preferred gapps package
  3. Flash CM11S package
  4. ???
  5. Profit

Lockscreen works fine on latest nightly (August 1 2014), on first boot the default wallpaper is a little glitched on the lockscreen, changing your wallpaper fixes it.

Feel free to tell me if I missed anything.

I also suggest this to change the bootloader IMGDATA and have it perfectly aligned with the modified bootanimation. Original OnePlus One bootanimation is a little laggy.

Flashing nightlies will overwrite this. CMUpdater doesn't have a flash after update feature, unlike Omni's OpenDelta (which is way superior..). CMUpdater also seems to ignore addon.d as I couldn't get stuff to persist using a script. You'll have to manually reflash after every nightly, or you could put into /sdcard/cmupdater so you can flash it from Settings > About Phone > Update, like the nightly .zips that are downloaded.

  • Cyanogen, Inc
  • CyanogenMod
  • @ricardopvz for fixing lockscreen proprietary framework dependencies
  • @Hammer_Of_The_Gods for extracting cameranext
  • Esa Laukkanen, GreatFreedom theme


Removed because people are extremely ignorant. PM me for a link if you aren't one of those people. Don't bother asking me for it. Do it yourself, it literally takes 30 seconds to copy + paste a few files, just like the OP did. Don't know why I bothered to argue against people who are so mind-bent on their silly idea that this is actual development and takes a lot of effort to do, and will never believe otherwise - you obviously have never done any real development/are extremely ignorant if this is the case.

Human psychology - people want to think that what they have is so, so special, that they'll never believe anything that proves otherwise, and attack the ones who do so - extremely evident in this thread. Feel free to add me to your ignore list or continue to attack me if you disagree with me and if you're one of the OP's 'sheep' - it only proves my point even further, and you know it.

I had replied to attacks with a non-aggressive, respectful, honest post. And still, I get attacked further - proving my point even further, again.

To those who say; "lets see you make a ROM, I bet you can't, OP put a lot of work into it" - the zip that I originally uploaded and linked in this post (and now obviously removed) could be flashed on CM to produce exactly what the OP of this thread has done - copy + paste .apk files. Not only that, but I already build my own private custom ROM for myself, as well as unofficial CarbonROM builds with extras for a few select others (you won't find it anywhere so don't bother looking) - you can't simply assume I am just as un-knowledgable as you. I've also noticed that the ones who have said such things are NOT developers - they're just the kind that only look for a download link and never have any real contribution or knowledge of the subject - ignorant, selfish people.

Even so, if I were to say any more - you would all praise the OP as if he was your non-existent god - and still say that this is an actual port that takes effort to do and tell me to screw off. It obviously isn't if you had any real knowledge, but at least not everyone is as oblivious as the majority of people in this thread: 1 2 3.

Sorry for the inconvenience if you actually aren't stupid. I prefer not to provide to anyone who contributes nothing and complains about everything.

There was no need to defend the OP and attack me in the first place. But, as I've said, humans will be humans, and nothing will ever change that.
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