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Well I have been using oneplus one for a few days and realized it is not vibrating at all. I thought it was defected but it vibrates on startup and when using TWRP recovery. Really don't want to factory reset. You think this is problem with cyanogen mod? If I install another rom will it fix it? Really like cyanogen though... If I don't wipe data when flashing new rom will I still have all my apps and data or will I still need to use titanium backup?
Any help in fixing this without new rom or reset? I fixed permissions already. Is there a file you can edit to adjust vibration settings? I am rooted, bootloader unlocked, and have TWRP installed.

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First thing, always wipe data when switching ROMs, always. Not wiping data is opening the door to a world of problems. Now, when you say it isn't vibrating do you mean for phone calls, notifications, what exactly?

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