Default [WIP][DEV] Touchwiz-Resurrected ROM [S5 Style] for Gio

Original thread :

Let me introduce
because gio and ace-i have many different so i must port app by app (this is not port rom)
so will have some bug sure, need to fix later. and some i can't do it by myself in short time. so i must release to WIP version for brainstorm

Some Credits on my part:
1. evanlocked
2. sicopat
3. ryanfebriyadi
4. iamareebjamal
5. Android-Fany
6. Team Nexus
7. MuSaddiq
8. Tentenponce
9. Mariozawa
10. Stackoverflow
11. google
12. samsung
13. spacecaker
14. xda
15. Github
16. pineappleowl
17. PotatoInc.
18. Piyush pastor
19. radichification.
20. vishnu pv
21. Goldie
22. Omni-Rom

Sorry if i have forgotten anyone. Thanks