Thumbs down [Q] E980 bricked - Computer says "unknown device" - Only boots into Recovery and DL

My wife somehow managed to bork her Optimus G Pro. She was running rooted stock, and the phone ended up somehow booting to CWM. She said she "picked a few selections", and the phone won't get past CWM now.

I can't do the mobile flash tool because every time I connect the phone, it somes up as Unknown Device. This is after I updated the drivers on both computers. Tried various ports & USB cables, same thing. MY E980, by the way, shows up fine in Device Manager.

I've tried restoring a previous backup, but it still boots right back to recovery. For some reason, the phone doesn't recognize the external card, or I would have tried making a backup on the other phone with the bootloader included, but I have no way of getting it onto the broken phone, unless I can push it via adb somehow.

Anyway, I appreciate any help anyone can give
Device xxxxxLG Optimus G Pro (E980)
ROM iiiiixxxxxUm...what day is today?

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