Default [Q] Note 3 Rooted But SuperSU Fails to Update Binary

Used Towel to root device. Confirmed various apps (AdAway, Super Backup, and Xposed Installer) work and I have access to what I need. However, SuperSU will not update binary. I keep getting, "Installation failed ! Please reboot and try again."

The device is currently on NC4. I found the following steps via root instructions for a Note 3 on Jelly Bean:

IF YOU ARE ON NC4 (Official VZW OTA) Follow The Below Instructions
(courtesy of barrackobama)

Step- 1 - Root Device with TowelRoot courtesy of geohot

Step- 2 - Install Busybox from play store and install busybox itself

Step- 3 - Install Safestrap 3.75 courtesy of Hashcode

Step- 4 - Boot into Safestrap, Select Stock Slot

Step- 5 - Wipe Data, Use Factory Reset Slider

Step- 6 - Install The Latest BajaROM courtesy of Bajasur

Step- 7 - Reboot into Download mode From Safestrap

Step- 8 - Unzip & Install In ODIN This NC2 Kernel .tar courtesy of Beanstown106

I have all my data either saved to my SD card or backed up via Google. I presume these steps work but I am not familiar with a lot of the terminology. Does anyone have a guide (video guide would be great but at least something for the layperson) that can guide me through the rest of the rooting process?