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Ok the galaxy s4 active SGH-I537 are all the bootloaders locked or not as i have read some post here and else where that say some are and others are not when I go into Odin Mode i get

Odin Mode
Product Name: SGH-I537
Current Binary: Samsung Offical
System Status: Offical
Knox Kernel Lock: 0x0
Knox Warrenty Void: 0x0
Write Protection: Enable
eMC Burst Mode enabled

Now judging by reading this i am assuming that it is locked just looking for confirmation. The Reason I ask is i am wanting to dual boot the Phone with this For ubuntu touch although it says i need to have an unlocked phone and rooted which mine is rooted however they do not specifiy whether or not the mean sim unlocked or bootloader unlocked and i am going to take a shot in the dark and say they are meaning bootloader unlocked. if so would there be a possability to load the dual boot under safestrap ?

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