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Does the red development text on the splash screen bother you after unlocking your device?

If so, I have a modified hboot for you that takes care of it.
This was simply hex edited by me to remove the text from the screen, no other changes were made.
I have tested it and it is 100% proven to work without any side effects.

I had done this for the Verizon m7, Dna, Butterfly S, One Max, M8, and was asked if I would do it for the Sprint m7, so here it is...


Let's get to it!
You must be S-Off to do this!

To Install:

  • Download your No Red Text hboot below, or the Faux Locked hboot from the bottom of this post:

No Red Text 5.03.651.3 hboot
modelid: PN0720000
cidnum: SPCS_001
mainver: 5.03.651.3

  • Place the zip in your fastboot/adb directory on your computer.
  • Put the device in fastboot mode
    (Volume down and power until menu appears, select fastboot using power button)
  • Connect the device to the computer
  • Enter the following commands from terminal/command prompt in the fastboot directory, one at a time:
  • fastboot oem rebootRUU (this puts the device in RUU mode)

  • fastboot flash zip (this flashes the modified hboot zip file)
Important: the flash process halts at around 75% to 90% on phone screen! This is normal and a safety precaution!
The last few percent is the reboot, which is NOT happening automatically, so you get a chance to check the console output before reboot to make sure it is safe to reboot!
The bar will only fill up to 100% once you type the following command:
  • fastboot reboot-bootloader (this reboots the device to bootloader)

That's it, you're done. You can now reboot and not see the red text anymore.

If you have any questions or issues, let me know.

Now for my RED TEXT:

You are aware that writing to the security protected partitions increases your risk to lose the device exponentially.
You understand and agree that i cannot be held responsible for such or any other damages.
The flash process is theoretically safe and tested, however you are the brains behind the wheel and you are solely responsible for the execution of the process.
I will not accept any responsibility. The method itself is developed by Google and HTC, I only provide access and information to it and you execute it.

You understand that you should not do it if you are not willing to accept this risk.

If you plan on reverting to stock-relocked, for any reason:
You should follow the above steps first, but use a Stock firmware/hboot.
Do this before you relock the bootloader.

(not really Locked and S-on but appear that way)

Since I initially posted this:
I had a couple requests for a modified hboot that shows the device as being Locked and S-On, while being completely unlocked and S-Off.
I went ahead and made that as per request and have tested it as well.
The process is the same as the one I wrote above, with the exception of the filename.

Faux Locked 5.03.651.3 hboot
modelid: PN0720000
cidnum: SPCS_001
mainver: 5.03.651.3

Enjoy and be careful!!

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