Default [Q] ATT Moto X, rooting and Long Term Effects

My Moto X is still on 4.4.2, and I've removed Write protection with MotoWpNoMo. Back then I had read somewhere that you would no longer be able to upgrade because of the application of MotoWpNoMo. I haven't been able to find where I read that so is that still true? Can I upgrade to 4.4.4 or even L when it is released?

Also I have notice that my battery no longer will last the full day that was boosted when the Moto was first Launched. I run apps like tasker and xposed framework. I have been trying to track down what could because my battery to lasting only half the time. What apps could I use to get a better picture of my battery situation?

I've also considered ditching the stock from and touchless controls since it seems like I use it less and less each day. I know there is a way to load Rom with safestrap bur I know nothing about it. Could someone link me to some good info about how it works and how to prevent messing up this wonderful phone?
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