Thumbs up confirmed: working on 2.5.19222911.0 potrait mode

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SO i tryed netDrg Call history fix for 2.5.19222911.0 users and it work for 16/20 QuickLinks and Extended Appointments TOO!!!!!!!!!

I can confirm that it works on manila 2.5.19222910 when you apply the same trick as described in the post you are refering to.

I quote from the post with modification for this mod:
* First of all create a backup of your own 0d61c97c_manila file from windows directory

* [install 16/20 quicklinks and extended appointment, appelflap]

* Finally copy previously saved 0d61c97c_manila file back in windows folder.

* Restart manila
I was to late with backing up the required file and I have copied the 0d61..manila file from the post that aliendll refered to. (fortunately this works also)


Thanks CookieMonster !!