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21st August 2014, 11:40 PM |#1  
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I have 1 year left on my contract and on my S4, but I use none of the special S4 features and am tired of a locked down phone. I am thinking of moving over to a moto X, and was just hoping for any and all feedback.
I am waiting for the Sept 4th announcement to do anything, But I expect the X + 1 dev edition to cost too much (anything much over $500 and I will be seriously thinking, over $600 and I am out for sure.)
I am hoping to have the new phone I get cost roughly similar to a new phone on contract after I subtract the money made by selling my nearly mint S4 (hoping $250-$300?)
About me:
I don't play games, I just need web browsing, FB, music player, view the occasional document, ect..
I am not an obsessive flasher. I want root/custom recovery to give me the option of managing my own updates. Mostly having a recent OS and the option to flash minor modifications such as offered by xposed framework or stock based roms is my biggest concern.

I use none of my touchwiz fanciness, automated things that go off automatically tend to annoy me (not sure about that voice control in this regard though it sounds cool),

Why Moto x?
Active display, Moto's payment plan, unlocked BL, as well as the "grown up" focus on solid performance and ergonomics is what appeal to me. My S4's specs already seem to be more then I need, and if the Moto X can be as snappy or more then my S4 while giving me an up to date phone for the next year and a half I will be content. (Should be out of school and making decent money by then?)

Why not s4?
I feel like the S4 has more flash then I can appreciate, while being slightly uncomfortable, having annoyingly poor build quality and a fairly bleak future for the modding community... And that at least for now I could move to a moto X for the cost of a new contract phone, but with out contract and with an unlocked bootloader to boot.

Not sure on this one though, and a little worried about being happy still with a Moto X a year from now... So trying to get a wide variety of opinions on this.