Default [FIXED][Q] (XT1034) Non-GPE to GPE 4.4.4 radio question (USA / AWS)

Flashed a XT1034 (USA AWS Retail) to GPE 4.4.4. I can't get the radio to work. I've tried:

- Flashing my stock radio (fastboot erase modemst1, fastboot erase modemst2, fastboot flash fsg.mbn)
- Flashing my stock radio from within recovery. I've used TeamWin and CWM/Philz recoveries.

Any other suggestions? I can't go back to pure stock it seems. The GPE 4.4.4 must have a new gpt.bin because now when I flash the system of my old stock rom it says "Image is too large". Looks like it sets to 256MB (target max-sparse-size: 256MB) but the first two system chunks are just slightly bigger. I also can't downgrade my gpt.bin.

So I can get GPE 4.4.4 to bootup, but can't seem to get my USA AWS radio to stick. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Model: XT1034 | Carrier: T-Mobile | Firmware: Stock GPE
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