Talking [THEME][4.3+]Watch Dogs Theme

Hello all,this is my first thread in Cross-Device Dev and here I present you the theme I make

I like the Watch Dogs game very much,so i decide to make a theme for our Xperia

Hope you will like it

Xperia with stock theme engine
SuperUser Mod


and here is for statusbar without ctOS icon

Google Drive
Please do NOT mirror my files!

Install like a normal app
Reboot & Enjoy

For 4.3 user
If u find u can't fully apply the theme
Push the theme to /system/app and give the right permission
Then reboot and apply again

If you like my work,just don't forget to press THANKS

If you like my work,just don't forget to press the THANKS button



SONY Xperia Z1 Compact
ROM:KitSlim_AMG [Evo 9]
Android Version:4.4.4
Build Number:14.4.A.0.108
Status:Rooted & Locked Bootloader

SONY Xperia P
ROM:[OpenDelta]CM11 by percy_g2
Android Version:4.4.4
Build Number:Build-45
Status:Rooted & Unlocked Bootloader