Info 2 [Q] Unable to mod my stock rom via Gravity Box

I am facing several prolems in my XOLO A500s ROM (MTK 6572)
I have deodexed my stck rom + rooted but i am unable to implement the Gravity BOX fetures
Like: i can't get the data speed monitor mod,nor the clock mod and many more.
But there's custom rom which has this fuctionality to apply all the gravity box mods.
Is there something i need to change in my stock rom.
Please guide me through this.
NOTE: I don't want to use the custom ROM because they have some problems in them some of them don't have gps on/off,another have the 1 MP camera insted of 5MP.
Another show internel memory as SD card and SD Card as internel.
The worst ROM problem can't turn on/off wifi (I managed to solve this on my own but still they have some other problems)
I want you guys to help me in out so that i can have a better stock rom