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Hey there, my moto x stopped recognizing my voice for touchless control and no one can hear me during calls.
When I try to use the touchless controls I see that it recognizes some noise but very quiet. If I yell at it it sometimes works.
What's weird is that phone calls no one can hear but but in skype calls they can. I know that moto x has 3 mics so maybe 1 is broken?
When I record a video with the camera and play it back the audio works fine too.
It's currently running 4.4.2 stock rogers bootloader unlocked
Anyone having similar issues or know a fix?
My first guess is corruption.

Try flashing the entire stock 4.4.2 rogers SBF. You can re-root afterwards since you are unlocked. See if it fixes your issue...

Remember: Flashing the full SBF can actually repair a corrupted or damaged filesystem. Give a shot.
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