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Thanks to XperiaSTE team for the overclock kernel source first. I just did the compile but nothing else.

This kernel will overclock your device to 1.15GHz. The overclocking will provide a better performance and a smoother user experience.
I'm using a kexec multiboot kernel on my device, so I didn't test the kernel packed as elf format. It should be good because I have done flashing the self-built kernels several times.

The overclock source doesn't seems to be the latest but everything works~ Maybe that's because the modules in initramfs? (I did nothing to initramfs)

It's nearly impossible for me to upload the kernel on something like mediafire, so sorry for that
Link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1kTyul07

Finally, sorry for my poor English
Hope you like the kernel~
hi, first of all big thanks for the kernal!!

can u provide a changelog or something like that to show the difference between cm11 kernal and your kernal ???

is overclock the only added feature in this kernal?

thanks and i wish you support more!!!
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