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my divice at UNLOCKED status, after recover stock for checking update OTA 4.4.3
then I want to check update OTA by manual . when access stock boot loader it not show the part of folder where I am putting on OTA file as below
Reboot system now
apply from SD card
apply from phone storge
apply from card
wipe data/ factory reset
wipe card partition
red atriangle with exlamation mark area

mount SDcard failed 1 times
mount SDcard failed 2 times
mount SDcard failed 3 times
mount SDcard failed 4 times
mount SDcard failed 5 times
Can't mount SD card ( No such device)
write host_mode : 0 done

I don't know why? pls hel me
are you s-on or s-off and in which folder did you aved the ota?
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