Default Phone changing color overnight

Every morning I wake up my phone is a different color. It's done this ever since I flashed KitKat. For example, last night it was dark blue and now it's magenta. I binged this problem but nothing came up. Is there an app or Xposed module to fix this? Or even another back cover that doesn't change color at least?
  • CARRIER: Verizon
  • PHONE: Samsung S4 HTC One Max
  • CASE: Otterbox Defender modded to fit Anker 7800mah battery HTC PowerFlip
  • BOOTLOADER: MDK, loki bypass S-OFF & Relocked
  • RECOVERY: TWRP 2.7.x
  • KERNEL: Ktoonsez with Project Icarus profile and Hydra script FlyKernel
  • ROM: Eclipse TW 4.4 Adrenaline Sense 6
  • LAUNCHER & MODS: Google Now launcher with XGEL settings, GravityBox, Heads Up notifications, & Android L navbar