Default [GUIDE][TAKE APART] Fix the annoying/bad vibration

Many Moto G owners have gotten a device with a poor quality vibration motor. If your phone make an annoying rattle sound every time the vibration goes on, you're in the right place. I found an easy way to get rid of that rattle sound and restore a nice, fluid, vibration and a better tactile feedback, as should be.

I'm not responsible of your device, doing this you're taking your own risk and responsibility.

1) You will need:

• A T4 Torx screwdriver
• Some lubricant (specific for precision instruments, not olive oil ;P)
• A plastic pry tool
• A little needle
• Some patience

Image 1

2) First of all turn off the phone, remove the back cover and the SIM card.

Image 2

3) Start to remove all screws.

Image 3

4) Open the device using the plastic tool, or something like that (also fingernails).

Image 4

5) Let's see where is located the vibration motor.

Image 5

6) If you want to remove the battery, this is the right way, but it's not compulsory for our purpose.

Image 6

7) Hey, it's a nice board for a 150 dollars phone!

Image 7

8) Put a drop of lubricant on the needle, DON'T use the bottle directly on the motor.

Image 8

9) Put the small drop of oil on the pivot of the motor (sorry for the pic quality).

Image 9

10) Reassemble the phone and remember to put the buttons in the right direction.

Image 10

11) Check if everything is ok. YAY!

Image 11
Moto G XT1032 converted to GPE
[Rooted] Pure Android 4.4.4 - build KTU84P