Default [Q] Soft brick recovery problems on T-Mobile S4

Last night I installed a new nightly update of Cyanogenmod for my S4. Unlike the last few times, it went into a boot loop.

I could not get it to go into recovery. The twrm recovery hung on the load screen. I installed cm recovery. That worked, but reformatting /data causes a reboot.

I got a stock image for 4.4.2 and flashed that. That would boot, but it now claims that the /data partition is encrypted. It does not decrypt with any password I have ever used.

Any idea how I can reformat /data without recovery? I could use heimdall, but I do not have a data.img. Any idea where I can find one?

This is REAL frustrating. I could probably fix it in an adb shell, but I have not been able to get to that either.