Default [APP][ALPHA][2.3+][FOSS] StorageTrac - Record and plot changes in external storage

Uses inotify to record any file activity in the external storage. Collects data at regular intervals and plots used storage space over time using a modified version of the GraphView library.

Start screen

Activity plot

Activity details

  • Currently supports reporting on the primary external storage device, called sdcard0 in most cases
  • View plots at day/week/month/year granularity
  • Configurable data collection intervals from daily (battery-friendly) to every 15 minutes (granular)
Upcoming features
  • Search storage activity history

- GraphView for plotting
- App icon adapted from romannurik & findicons

XDA:DevDB Information
StorageTrac, App for all devices (see above for details)


Version Information
Status: Alpha

Created 2014-08-28
Last Updated 2014-08-31