Phone [Recovery] [Unofficial] CWM Recovery for HTC Desire 300

Unofficial CWM Recovery for HTC Desire 300 (g3u)

device_htc_g3u v0.7b (28/8/14)

fixed double buffering
(graphics.c tamed with 0% overscan involved)
fixed stability issues
(cwm's ueventd.rc was evil and a worthy foe)

Full Disclosure
This is my first android project, so go easy on me.

Project Status
Main Features are working.
(Tested by factory resetting my device, installing a different ROM and reverting back to my backup)
[Test also confirms that UNLOCKED S-ON does not prevent a user-signed ramdisk from booting]

md5 check is slow (by design? missing crypto mods?) [medium priority]
Sideload throws a few permission errors [low priority]
CWM has missing ext-sd warnings [lower proiority]

Use at you own risk.
I can not be held accountable for any damage you might cause to your device if you decide to flash this file.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate the bootloader and meet the contact fastboot.
Initiate a conversation by saying fastboot flash recovery recovery.img and wait for his response.
End the conversation with fastboot reboot-bootloader and navigate to the exfiltration point recovery.

Special Thanks
go out to whoever actually fixed the framebuffer issue by teaching minui how to properly align the frames for double buffering.

Once peace has returned to the source and I feel like it, I'll upload it on git.

HTC's gnarly Kernel (compiled by root@abm026)
Source: N/A (currently not released on htc-dev)
Compiler: GCC 4.6.x-google 20120106 (prerelease)
Branch: Android 4.1.2
Kernel Version: 3.4.0-g4f2c010
compiled by 4m8
(When I think of Maureen I think of two things: asphalt... and trouble.)