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I've been following this phone for a while, and while I think it'll be the best flagship out this cycle for me, I'm still not too happy with the fact that it's an 801 processor trying to push a 1440p screen.

I'm still split between waiting out about a year for the G4 while using the Moto G or just taking the plunge and getting this phone. Hopefully an 810 processor (or 808 at the worst) should be able to handle the screen without battery/heat/staggering issues.

If you could return your G3 for a full refund and wait for the G4 with a Moto G, would you?
As mentioned by someone else, the screen resolution hardly impacts performance, the 801 chip can handle a 4k screen pretty easily, the problem lies with optimisations, the G2 was the same when it came out, but software updates made it the phone we know for speed today.

, I personally have no heating issues on software 10H, lag does exist but its just a few frame rates, its as fast as any other 801 at opening apps. The moto G is a nice phone, your best bet is holding out until LG fix issues with a software update.

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