Default [Q] How do you get rid if "SD card is inserted" notification?

On GT-5210 after KITKAT update and root, all is working great, except for a recurring Notification. Every time I reboot I get a notice that "An SD Card has been inserted". I have to clear it each time. My SD card has been "inserted" since the day I got the Tab 3...and never removed.

I have no problems writing to and from it. Almost seems that upon reboot, it gets unmounted and then remounted, thus generating the notification.

Does anyone else have this too, and is there anyway to fix it? Googling turns up a number of other users with different devices asking the same question...but no solution yet. They say it started with KITKAT too

S3Rx 4.0 TouchWiz 4.4.2 UCUFNE4 (9-4-14)
ACER A500 Iconia Tab----THOR - OMNIROM-4.4.2-Tegraowners_ROM_v11
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1----4.4.2 Stock ROM, rooted