Default [Guide] How to Get Android L Material Design On Google Search

this is my first threat so if i make any mistake please forgive me xD

to get the material design on google search you should edit the style on build.prop
What do you need:
1.a rooted android phone
2.root explorer or root browser
3.A brain

lets do it: root explorer l
2.go to system folder
3.mount system as rw build.prop file
5.find the line ro. build.version.codename=REL
6.change REL to L the menu buttom and select save changes so root explorer will make a backup for your curent build.prop the menu select save and exit reboot your phone
we done check it out and the search widget will be changed too

Note: if you are usin quick pic as a gallery you will get force close just reinstall in again and the problem will be solved