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htc one m8
hboot 3.18
v4.4.3 stock rom rooted
bootloader unlocked
i get this problem

remember the golden rule, NEVER take an OTA? Of course you don't
****** device patched by HTC, you are out of luck *********
Firewater simply doesn't work with the 4.4.3 and the corresponding firmware on the One M8. Only sollution I know is the same as I used: SunShine and paying 25$ to Unlock and S-Off without HTC knowing of it and even better without loosing any data or apps (like e.g. calculator and flashlight).
Mobile: One M8 Gunmetal: UNLOCK - S-OFF (SunShine) - WWE
CID: HTC__001 (T-MOB101)
MID: 0P6B10000
HBoot: 3.18
FW: 2.22.401.5 (
Radio: 1.19.21331147A1
ROM: Stock - SuperSU
Recovery: Stock

Retired: Desire (CWM, Cyanogen), Sensation (Unlocked, S-On, CWM, root), One X (Unlocked, TWRP, Cyanogen), One (M7) (firewater S-Off, TWRP, ViperOne), Moto G (Unlocked, S-On, CWM, CM11), One (M8) GER Silver (SunShine S-Off, TWRP, ViperOne 2.2.0).