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Hello Guys!

Nice to have a place to post, & discuss variations of the amazing Slim
Many thanks to the Slim team and members of the main thread for all the inspiration & education

Here's the latest build (13th Sep '14) of Slim 8.0 PCFR for the Hammerhead - with some twists of course


- Updated to latest Build 8.0 PCFR
- Optimizations
- LockScreen Wallpaper
- Blur (See through & features FusionJack)
- Heads Up background color & Transparency (Thanks Dankoman)
- Android L Keys
- 6 BAR Signal Icon option added
- Systemwide New FONT*
- Systemwide New On-Off Switches
(Screenshots below)
-Revised Kernel & Package Versions


- Compiled with Sabermod Toolchain.
- Included JustArchi's Optimizations
- Code Blue Kernel
- Lockscreen Notifications (Updated)
- Floating Notifications
- Network Speed in StatusBar
- Omni's Download Manager
- Custom System Animations
- DPI 400
- Polish Translations
- Replaced BootAnimation - see animation

* If you want to use this build, but would like the stock font, see attached file in the other thread. Just flash in recovery

Hammerhead -

Other Downloads

Stock Font
Boot Animation

Screenshot of Android L keys + 6 bar signal icon + New fonts & Switches


Screenshots Set 1



Definitely need to take this space to thank some of the best people i've had the pleasure of knowing...
All of you have helped me to an extremely large degree.. i am thankful & indebted

@raycaster3, @micr0g, @mar5hal @Grondinm, @RobbieL811
@Primokorn, @22ls22, @matthew0776

and obviously the rest of the assimilated collective