Latest build update: 12 Sept 2014

Modded wekkly 7.9 for Nexus 4 (mako) and Nexus 5 (hammeread)
(compiled with sabermod4.8 + justarchi's O3)

Mako download:
Hammeread download:


+ Latest Slim Gerrit commits about "-mfpu=neon-vfpv4" instead of generic "-mfpu=neon" for ARMv7-A Cortex CPUs to gain extra performance improvements
+ Rewritten "Lockscreen wallpaper" and "See through" features (awesome work by @fusionjack as usual, now the code is more robust).
To enable "See through" go to "Security>See Through":

To enable LsW go to "Display>Wallpaper>Lockscreen" and choose your image then apply a blur effect if you want it:

NB: don't enable both features.

Additional features (mostly a code merging, so credits go to a lot of people and developers, you can see the author of each github commit):
+ Compiled with sabermod4.8 + Justarchi's O3

>Stock Slim kernel

+ Heads up background color, settings are under "Interface>Heads up".

+ "Lockscreen wallpaper" and "See through" features. To enable "See through" go to "Security>See Through", to enable LsW go to "Display>Wallpaper>Lockscreen" and choose your image then apply a blur effect if you want it. Please don't enable both features.

+ Lockscreen notifications, settings are under "Security". Enable and disable "privacy mode" the first time you flash the rom to get it working as expected.

+ Disable heads up in lockscreen, useful if you have already enabled lockscreen notifications; settings are under “Interface > Notifications & QS”.

+ Disable 2tap2sleep on the statusbar, it’s a really nice feature but some users would like to disable it when using a cover and the screen is accidentaly double tapped; settings are under "Interface > Status bar".

+ Network upload and download speed in the statusbar; settings are under "Interface > Status bar".
When it can be useful? E.g.: "Right now I'm uploading the build with my phone to Androidfilehost, and I have Chrome in background while writing on Tapatalk and hangouts. With the upload speeds shown in the status bar I can check if the upload process is still going fine."

+ Advanced download manager (expand the downloads notification and you'll be able to pause/resume or stop them); enabled by default.

+ Floating mode, long press on a notification in the status bar or on an app in the recent panel and select “floating mode” to open the app in a popup window. Note: if you want to set this mode permanently and manage it in a better way, you can install Floatifications from the Play Store (enable “launch app in halo window - supported rom” in its settings).
(PS: the first time you open whatsapp, youtube stops the video, next times it will continue playing).
You could say “wtf do i need this on my small screen?” Well, you are playing “Tnt” by Ac/Dc on Youtube, your wife send you a message “bring the dog pee or no dinner today”, and you want to reply “Sir, yes Sir” without stopping the music: open Whatsapp in floating mode and reply to your wife, Youtube will continue playing in background. Same thing when gaming.
NB: The xposed module for the floating mode is more customizable, the one in the rom is very basic and needs improvements. I hope it will get better in the future because can be useful not only to have youtube playing in background:

As usual, if you wipe caches let the phone rebuild them, just using your apps, after some time it will be more fast.

Some goodies:
Quick git cherry-pick/fork how-to:
Build script by fusionjack and chromium prebuilt fix:
Add SaberMod and JustArchi's O3:

Some github commits if you want to check the source or build by yourself (you can also fork my repos
-To let SlimCenter notify the user about updated versions of your build:

-To add "Lsw" and "see through":

- To add "advanced download manager":
For the download manager, you need:
- this commit in frameworks_base:
- then fork this omnirom project to your github:
- then use your fork instead of the slim default one (.repo/default.xml), e.g.:
 <project path="packages/apps/Settings" name="ezio84/packages_apps_Settings" remote="github" revision="kk4.4" />
 <remove-project path="packages/providers/DownloadProvider" name="SlimRoms/packages_providers_DownloadProvider" />
- done (you don't need the [2/2] commit).

- To add "floating mode":

- To add "Lockscreen notifications":

- To add "Disable heads up in lockscreen":

- To add "Disable 2tap2sleep on the statusbar":

- To add "Network upload and download speed in the statusbar":

- To remove "system updates check" in the about screen: <-- Windows dark themes