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*** For mako & hammerhead ***

Slim mod

(links at right)

- Source sync: Slim, AOSP, CM AudioFx/Terminal

- Heads up:
* Add a global 3-way switch (disabled - per-app - forced)
* Snooze button view and layout improvements

Navbar and Pie:
* PieController: prevent NPE in resizeIcon
* SystemUI: fix navbar icon too big when using custom icon

- Layers: calls log phone tint

- Layers app updated to 4.1 (sorry, in the previous build i put the 4.0 version by mistake)

- Improvements for rocker key music controls:
* Fix not being able to adjust volume when music control is on
* Disable screen off volume/music control when wake key is enabled
* Map long press of mute to keycode play_pause

- Fix navbar hiding slowly during full screen setup activities (SetupWizard)

- CM custom DPI improvements

- Keyguard: fix misaligned ripple for pin-entry backspace button

- Massive APN fix and update

- Fix missed call notifications not shown after you call someone

- Frameworks improvements

- Reverted "Turn off "Mobile data" and "Data roaming" by default" (As being discussed on the slim gerrit, this commit has a drawback: the user can't run the setup wizard when clean flashing without a wifi connection. Not good.)

- Maybe something else i don't remember :P

Installation and kernels - IMPORTANT:
- Ensure you have latest bootloader and radio from 5.1.x factory images.
- If you come from another rom do a factory reset and wipe system/caches. If you come from the previous build, wipe system/caches. In both cases, set again your dpi value in the "Display" settings menu.
- After flashing the rom zip in twrp, flash latest slim gapps (zero or mini), then reboot and enjoy.
- Recommended kernels: stock Slim

Tips about some features:
- If you want to use a navbar buttons layer, disable buttons colorization in navbar settings to avoi small icons
- Adding Slim Actions to Nova Gestures let you set some useful and handy gestures for the home screen
- Slim Pie can be also a good apps launcher
- you can set DPI in Display settings
- with the new Privacy guard, you can disable the automatic start of a specific app
- if you press Volume rocker down till it set the Vibration mode, press it again to enable the new Silent mode (no ringtones and audio notifications)
- if you want to use the No Interruptions mode but still want Alarms, go in the Audio and Notifications settings, then Interruptions, then enable Allow Alarms
- if you expand the volume panel, it will remember your choice also after a reboot
- in the navbar customization settings you can set the buttons glow color if the default white is too bright for you.

Build additional features compared to stock Slim (Please read it before asking where to find a setting):
PS: this list also contains links to all commits if you want to cherry-pick them:

Slim MMS updated apk (with support for the rom built-in blacklist feature) (thanks to @Garrykd ):

PS: if you have problems, call A-team or clean flash.


Some goodies:


Quick tutorials:

Old Slimkat build:
Additional Slimkat features:
+ Compiled with sabermod4.8 + Justarchi's O3, upgraded from stock Google/Slim SQLite 3.7.11 (2012) to SQLite 3.8.6 (2014), switch from FloatMath to Math in framework_base, stock Slim kernel.
+ Lollipop fonts and bootanimation
+ Embedded Screen Recorder. You can choose the video bitrate or record the audio from the mic. When the record is stopped, a screenshot-style preview notification is showed. Settings are under "System tools > Screen Recorder". You can start it with Power+VolumUp or enable an entry in the power menu.
+ Show which apps are being optimized when rebuilding art/dalvik.
+ Battery saver: switch to 2g when screen off. If your carrier has 2G support you could save some battery enabling the power saving mode (when display is off) under Settings > More... > Mobile networks. If you need LTE and the network mode doesn't switch to 4g, you have to disable this feature.
+ New TRLS mode. Best way to handle it is to enable the automatic trds switch (daytime or light conditions). After a clean flash, switch TRDS on/off one time to activate it.
+ InCall Vocal Recorder. When a call is opened, a record button appears, click on it to record the call. TIps: enable the external speaker to record the interlocutor's voice too. In the Dialer settings you can choose the audio file format. In the call history you can play all recorded calls with a specific contact.
+ Simple Explore by DF1E instead of Slim File Manager (same small size, material interface, a lot of fixes and updates).
+ Lockscreen notifications, settings are under "Security". Enable and disable "privacy mode" the first time you flash the rom to get it working as expected.
+ Pocket mode, settings are under "Security". Screens goes on when you extract the phone from the pocket, goes off when you put it back in the pocket.
+ "Lockscreen wallpaper" and "See through" features. To enable "See through" go to "Security>See Through", to enable LsW go to "Display>Wallpaper>Lockscreen" and choose your image then apply a blur effect if you want it. Please don't enable both features.
+ Disable heads up in lockscreen, useful if you have already enabled lockscreen notifications; settings are under “Interface > Notifications & QS”.
+ Disable 2tap2sleep on the statusbar, it’s a really nice feature but some users would like to disable it when using a cover and the screen is accidentaly double tapped; settings are under "Interface > Status bar".
+ Network upload and download speed in the statusbar; settings are under "Interface > Status bar".
When it can be useful? E.g.: "Right now I'm uploading the build with my phone to Androidfilehost, and I have Chrome in background while writing on Tapatalk and hangouts. With the upload speeds shown in the status bar I can check if the upload process is still going fine."
+ Advanced download manager (expand the downloads notification and you'll be able to pause/resume or stop them); enabled by default.
+ Removed the white camera icon in the lockscreen when the camera widget is disabled.

Some old Slimkat github commits if you want to check the source or build by yourself:
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