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Latest builds :
5.1.1.alpha.0.1-UNOFFICIAL-20150519/20 (shamu and flounder only for now)

=> Updating your bootloader and radio to 5.1 is highly recommended and use 5.1 gapps required !!

5.0.2.alpha.1.0-UNOFFICIAL-20150325 (shamu, hammerhead and flo)

NB: I recommend using Chainfire's SuperSU for all builds.
Download Links :
Nexus 6 / Shamu
5.1.1 - AndroidFileHost / Dev-Host

5.0.2 - AndroidFileHost / Dev-Host

My latest kernel : available on my forum
Nexus 5 / Hammerhead
5.0.2 - AndroidFileHost / Dev-Host

My latest kernel : available on my forum
Nexus 9 / Flounder >>> NEW <<<
5.1.1 - AndroidFileHost / Dev-Host
Nexus 7-2013 / Flo
5.0.2 - AndroidFileHost / Dev-Host
NB: All builds are tested prior to upload and come with their respective stock kernel. Btw, I recommend to disable dt2w on Flo, it drains battery like hell in standby and is enabled by default in stock SlimLP kernel...

Changelog for latest 5.1.1 build :
Last repo sync : Mon 18. May 19:05 CET 2015

Compiled with stock toolchain

Changes vs. stock SlimLP

- (shamu only) includes my own kernel (more details can be found here)
- Silent mode
- Volume h/w keys adjust to screen orientation (stock SlimLP by now)
- Flip to mute/reject call
- Remove forceencryption
- In-call vibration
- Proximity speaker (stock SlimLP by now)
- Reverse phone number lookup
- Statusbar network traffic indicator
- WiFi regulatory domain override
- Longpress back to kill current app
- Longpress recent to get to last app
- Battery icon option (stock SlimLP by now)
- Screenshot delete option in expanded notification (stock SlimLP by now)
- LCD density setting (stock SlimLP by now)
- Extended CPU / Memory info (stock SlimLP by now)
- SuperSU settings integration
- Data roaming disabled by default
- Remove AOSP system update
- European time servers for gps
- Intelliplug v4.0 support in PowerHAL
- Use 3Gb dalvik heap and hwui (stock SlimLP by now)
- Disable touchboost in PowerHAL
- Adblocking hosts file
- Invert simple and long tap in Privacy Manager
- Ambient display doze customization (stock SlimLP by now)
- Date/clock fixup (notification overflow) (stock SlimLP by now)
- Proximity wake check (stock SlimLP by now)
- Slim Logo in Settings (stock SlimLP by now)
- Fixed proximity speaker with bt audio (stock SlimLP by now)
- Tiny update on proximity speaker with bt audio fix (stock SlimLP by now)

- RRO Type 2.1 layers support (reverted type 2 and redone 2.1)
- Customizable navigation bar (still my CM based navbar for now, less options, but I prefer the way it behaves)
- Fixed power button sometimes not showing in landscape navbar
- repo sync'ed, quite a few SlimLP base changes
- Suppress sound on volume rocker wake
- Enable/Disable sound on volume change

* in red = recent changes
* in bold red = changes compared to build prior to latest
Changelog for latest 5.0.2 build :
Last repo sync : So 22. Feb 12:15:19 CET 2015

Compiled with stock toolchain

Merged into SlimLP by now

- added memleak fix in ColorFade
- added doze timeout settings (updated to 2015-01-23)
- added non connected bluetooth icon 40% transparent
- added Proximity speaker (updated to 2015-01-22)
- added let InCallUI handle proximity sensor for incoming calls
- added Telephony: do not override preference text colors
- fixed CPU info in settings (
- updated APN for POST Luxembourg (
- added Gallery2: rematerialize icon
- added support for RRO Overlay System (5 commits, as of 2015-01-24)
- added support for RRO Overlay System type 2 (+7 commits, as of 2015-01-25)
- added support for RRO Overlay System type 2 (+2 commits as of 2015-01-26)
- added support for RRO Overlay System type 2 (+4 commits as of 2015-01-31)
- added battery icon/text settings (Zavon Joseph /

Changes vs. stock SlimLP

- added 10% and 20% steps to battery saver mode
- added long-press back to kill
- added long-press recent to last app
- added network indicators
- added popup when disabling privacy guard (
- permuted tap and long tap in privacy guard app list, now long tap toggles and simple tap opens details (
- added materializde navring drawables
- added SystemUI: status bar brightness: store value as int
- added Disable Lots of Debugging
- added Lowercase to uppercase
- added up do nine shortcuts on lockscreen (
- added Slim Builder name in settings
- added Gallery2: Initialize Floating Action Button
- updated gps.conf to use european time servers (
- updated hosts with adblocking list dated December-20-2014 (
- added App-Ops next to Privacy Guard, provides a different UI to list apps (Willl03)
- (shamu only) doubled doze brightness (
- fixed navbar layout for 400dpi (quickhack,
- added custom LCD density setting
- added support for RRO Overlay System type 2 (+1 commit as of 2015-02-09)
- added Doze TriggerSensor preference
- added user controlable WiFi country code plus override (
- added QS tile controls (RobbieL811)
- repo sync : So 22. Feb 12:15:19 CET 2015
- (Shamu only) added 3Gb RAM settings (deadman96385,
- (Hammerhead only) added enable all WiFi channels for 2.4GHz and 5GHz - this may not be legal where you live (
- (Shamu only) PowerHAL : stop constantly enabling stock dt2w
- PowerHAL : disable touchboost, kernel already has a touchboost (
- updated Doze options (dankoman)
- added QS tile for reboot/recovery (fusionjack)
- added expose QS settings for layers (iceandfire)
- added hardware key rebinding (jyates)
- added SlimCenter shortcut (Cristian Giordano)
- added Slim global settings (fusionjack)
- added Slim Logo to settings about (vliduscm)
- updated Slim Logo png to work with dark layers (
- added system wide torch service (dankoman)
- updated Doze options (dankoman)
- updated Slim Logo png to offcial SlimROMS banner (
- added option for 4 QS tile per row (Altaf-Mahdi via aow1980, - this needs some more polishing
- (Hammerhead only) replaced sensor lib to enable Ambient Display (myfluxi)
- (Hammerhead only) tripled doze brightness (
- (Shamu and Hammerhead) added intelliplug 4.0 integration into PowerHAL (faux123, private source)
- added updated headsup notifications (CPA-Poke via RobbieL811)
- added customizable 7-button NavBar and 3 NavRing targets (based on CM, extended/fixed by, WIP)
- fixed navbar back button strech issue (
- updated Doze option (dankoman)
- added enable/disable navring targets (Altaf-Mahdi)
- fixed navbar cursor keys sometimes sticking on even with no keyboard opened (
- fixed navbar side buttons animation (coming out of lockscreen) (
- added navbar autopadding enable/disable option (
- fixed navbar side buttons size, were oversized (

* in red = changes compared to build prior to latest
Sources :
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