Default Phone reboots instead of entering recovery mode.

So I've had my htc one s for about 2 years or so now and this problem has started happening rather recently. No matter what I try, I cannot access the recovery menu.

I've tried:

1.Hardware Keys (Going into bootloader and trying the recovery from there) = no go.
2.App that would allow me to reboot to recovery = no go
3.Installing another recovery to see if that would help = no go

I've also tried the method of erasing the cache through fastboot to no avail.
I'm currently running a really outdated version of cyanogenmod (10.1 i believe) and my phone is now currently stuck at the beginning trying to boot up.

I'm not sure what else I can try. Oh and another thing. It seems like when I tried to install another recovery image, it didn't overwrite what was already there and so now I believe that my phone currently has to recovery menus.

I've already searched through the forums looking for help and while some of the threads that I found came close, none of them except for the erasing of the cache one came close to helping me figure out what was going on.

Please help.

  • Phone
: HTC Dream Deceased
:Nexus One
  • Carrier
: T-Mobile USA
  • SPL
: Danger SPL
  • Radio
: Latest

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