Default [APP][3.2+][4.4+] HTMLauncher 1.0.2

Hello !

HTMLauncher a full android using HTML/CSS/JS

so many options are coming if success happend

but as now you can do pretty everything !

  • Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Version (BETA) available on
  • Path of files in prefs->Help
  • Russian/Spanish/German/Portuguese/Norvegian translations added
  • Various optimizations
  • Grid long press on icons only
  • Hardware acceleration option added
  • New police and syntax colors in code editor

Things to come:
  1. Full version of website coming with "API documentation"
  2. Search/add RSS
  3. Tablet optimizations
  4. Dynamic font folder list
  5. Menu system to change background
Many thanks to translators:
@pavik62, @joao_paulo, @cgrs, @muml, @Soymicmic, @joao_paulo,

if you want to translate in your language you can download the strings file here


and thank you all for your support

give it a try !

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