Battery Low Phone starts only if connected to the charger

Today I had the experience of having this problem
I've read in several places about it, but he is already well known

My experiences and attempts:

*disconnected from the charger it goes into bootloop
*connected to a charger it turns on and works normally
*loads very slowly (original charger and cable)
*battery percentage is crazy (for example to restart it jumps from 14% to 76% and otherwise)
*when disconnecting the charger it works for about 1 or 2 minutes and turns itself off

some search i found in this segment:
Sony Mobile Battery Testing App posted by @droid102


as well as several people have noted, it is a battery problem!
Maybe any particular type or configuration and calibration? I do not know!

among several people who reported this problem this is what catches my attention: posted by @Osni~* Osni~*

especially a posting made ​​by @CokeJunkee

However I will send the set for repair (still under warranty)

any feedback is welcome!

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