-now decompile base hktheme or xtheme.apk
-go to decompiled folder and delete values/public.xml
-now edit androidmainfest.xml
search saquib.themer.tri change tri to ur theme name
and than search for
android:label="TriflAt" and change triflat to ur name
- than recompile it(if error not a png than read png name and go to it directory and change it to jpg)
-now open Xperia theme u want to port extract it assets
-now open newly recompiled apk with winrar
- from assets/android.zip
open it and copy full res/xxhdpi folder to new recompiled res folder
- note u have to check in assets
if it has semc_bg.png and semc_bg_bright.png than u have to change it to semc_bg_dark_tile.png and semc_bg_light_tile.png
-now open assets/com.android.systemui and copy xxhdpi folder to newly decompiled apk res folder
- and last yash_opaque_status.png change this to ur theme color as it looks in official theme ss
like triflat orange,woody brown so they are different
-now sign the apk
-and install base hktheme or xtheme.apk normally
-and push base theme system.apk in system/app and reboot and apply and enjoy