Audio [APP][2.3+] Lyricsoid: Song Lyrics

Hello there!
I just published my app Lyricsoid.


Lyricsoid is application for music lovers! The application is searching and filling mp3-tags with lyrics. Just select forlders of files with your music and Lyricsoid will try to find song lyrics. The application will set the lyrics to mp3-tags so you will can see it in any music player without internet connection.

! For correct work please be sure that if you use special characters in mp3-tags then it has a UTF-8 encoding.
My reason for develop this app is all apps that i've seen are just lyrics finders by artist/title(just WebView) or music players which can find lyrics for playing song. I wanted to automatic search lyrics and see it when i listening music in standard player.
Of course accuracy of result is less than 100%, but i'm working on it. In next version i want to increase accuracy and add able to manual select specific lyrics from search result for each song.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!


Lyricsoid on Google Play


• Improved result quality
• Fixed bugs