Arrow [GAME][3.0+] Lumber


In Lumber you have to chop as much wood as possible.
But don't wait for too long and don't chop innocent chicks.

This game is very easy to learn and perfect for when you dont have much time to play.


How to play?
It sounds easy on paper, but can you get a high score?
  • Tap anywhere on the screen to chop
  • Chop as much wood as possible
  • Avoid chopping chicks
  • Don't wait for too long to make a descision

What else is in there?
  • Two leaderboards*
    • Highscore
    • Accumulated logs
  • 9 achievements to earn*
(* via Google Play Games)

Where can I get it?
The game is available from the Google Play Store. (It's free!)
Just follow the link below or scan the code with your phone.