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I just bought the Z2 phone which is UNBRANDED and check that the BOOTLOADER can be UNLOCKED under the configuration menu. The phone is rooted which I verified through a program. Using Android 4.4.2, Build 17.1.2.A..0.314

Tried the flashtools to unlock it

Flashtools - gives me the error that the bootloader cannot be unlocked. Tells me to unplug the phone and turn it on.

Any help?
1. install all drivers
2. run flashtool as admin
3. make sure your imei code was right
4. make sure your unlock code was right
5. try again a few times

misc. check if your bootloader is unlockable in your service menu, does it say rooting is alowed (i dont remember what menu this was in):*#*#SERVICE#*#* in your dialier

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