Default USB not recognized

Hello All,
I am facing a strange problem.. Till yesterday noon all was fine but since evening whenever I connect my phone to my laptop, I get a prompt that USB device is not recognized.
I re-installed USB drivers and Kies and also checked on different ports on the laptop but same issue..
Further on the same port, my hard-drive is successfully detected,

USB icon does not appear when connected to laptop

Can you please help?

Other information:
1. Phone model: GT-i9300 International
2. ROM: AICP 01-Sep nightly

1. I am able to charge the phone using the same USB cable and laptop USB slot
2. On other laptops as well, I am getting the same issue
Device: Samsung GT-i9300 running S5 Sensation ROMô, powered by ZeroLemon 7000mAh battery.

Can't help it!!