Unhappy [Q] Help my evo3d Stuck in Logo htc

Hello friends, master cdma evo3d, I ask you to help provide solutions for my current shooter htc bootloop, stuck at htc logo ...... initial problem when I update OTA all went well, until the requested reboot my evo , apparently after on it just stuck at htc logo and repeated, some friend give me a solution to flash the RUU file it and I did, indeed managed to install but when lit up again the results are still the same stuck on htc logo,more suggestions to install files PG86IMG zip.I doing well, but the result remains the same, namely stuck at htc logo and repeated, ..... then I try (something stupid) to lower HBOOT follow one of the tutorials in this forum with the htc conditions stuck, I was less fortunate in the "bricked device" .... now mainver I've even changed to 2.95.651.5 and I already can not install files RUU or PG86IMG again ..... what do I do now? I hope there is support from all to give you a little knowledge is still newbie to me and pardon my language is probably a mess because I asked for help uncle google to translate .......