Default [Q] Flashing Rom on a Verizon HTC One Max with sense 6 OTA

I have a Verizon One Max with the latest OTA, completely stock, and I'd like to flash a custom rom. I don't care if I lose fingerprint scanner and I'd love to be able to have the ability to return to full stock if I ever need to return the phone to Verizon. I assume that the latest OTA has broken or at least stalled current methods to unlock, root, etc.

Can someone please tell me if an existing method still works and if so, point me in the right direction or give step by step if you have the time?

I've had Samsung phones for the longest time and the process was so dead simple, I feel a little bit over my head with this HTC phone even though I love the look and feel of the phone itself. Thank you for your help in advance if you have the time.
Upgraded to an HTC One Max from a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and all the fun stopped

Thank you to the hard working devs, here in this community and in others like it.

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