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Just bringing this to the forefront, as it doesn't seem to be getting much attention - but it has to be as significant as the 10mb ram hack. This ROM is blazing fast in my opinion, even though it's an older cyanogenmod. Use SetCPU and choose "motorola" for device.

There is currently one stable 550mhz ROM available for download. The kernel should be compatible with donut and eclair ROMs, from what I gather. I had nothing to do with this work, I just want to see everyone's Dream come True! Hehe.

- of course, feel free to delete my thread as soon as you think it's useless, lol.

Direct ROM link:

Wipe, Flash, and then use SetCpu, choosing "Motorola Droid" for device, if I remember correctly. You should be able to clock it at 550mhz.
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