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15th February 2010, 09:54 PM |#34  
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Hate it... Microsoft is killing Hw diversity (this seems the end of medium/small sized devices and frontal-qwertys... plus all phones will cost even more!) and Software freedom (that interface looks like it'll be very restrictive... very bad especially to us who are used to be able to use and customize the devices as we please) in a single blow (it seems even worse than the iPhone!).

Seems completely bloated... Cluttered... Everything is too big, too many animations... Productivity wise looks like it'll take a lot to do whatever... .Net and Silverlight for everything? How much resources is that gonna eat up (lot of resources ergo battery)! Good code is lite code: C/C++ FTW!

Most features seem useless and web centric (if like me you don't usually have wireless outside your home and don't have a data plan then most of the UI and new features are useless). This is more like Facebook on steroids rather than an OS!

Don't have a 360 so xbox live will be utterly useless...

I didn't see a file browser, app/process manager or anything 3 party... Not even the office... Not a hint of multi-tasking... No Flash (I'm assuming no flv view either... something like WVD and TCPMP combined)... So far don't see the upside (other than the shinny/pretty factor).

It seems designed to force us to use Bing, IE, Zune (on the PC) and incentive to buy a 360... Seems like they are trying to tackle Google (as a web service), Opera/Mozilla, iTunes (with this part I'm OK) and Sony/Nintendo (I can't see a piece of hw win against a dedicated console) in one move (seems like a dirty move... killing 3rd party because of what I assume will be bad integration with the rest of the UI). I'm not even gonna talk about how Microsoft always assumes everyone uses their Office suite on the PC...

Will most likelly be just an overpriced toy rather than an actual working tool...

Will appeal to the dumb masses and let down the majority of the current crowd... Appealing to the masses, a letdown for the core... The social butterfly/duche phone!


This is just a dev build... I mean I wan't to believe this would be like Sense (a today plugin so extended that feels like it's the full OS) but reason tells me otherwise...

I won't stay in the platform with hybrid systems or "ports"... Time spent "porting" closed source apps is time wasted (would be better spent developing anew). A hybrid system would be like a patched up tire (you can't really trust it and you never know when things go wrong... not to mention the warranty void).

Glad I got that out of my system... I was actually rooting for WinMo as a smartphone OS but now... If all this is correct... hello Android.
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